1. Non-Refundable Fees:
The Registration Fee, Placement Fee and all medical insurance fees are non-refundable.
2. Absence and Postponement
Students wishing to postpone their studies or take time off, may do so with two weeks prior written notice. A $100 fee will be applied for the second such request.
3. Rejection by Immigration Canada
Students unable to obtain a visa are entitled to a full refund less all non-refundable fees. Students must request a refund in writing four weeks prior to the start of their course and return the original letter of acceptance with a copy of the rejection letter issued by Immigration Canada to your registrar as soon as possible, otherwise cancellation policies will apply to the refund.
4. Applying through a representative
Students who enrol through a representative office, must obtain their refund directly from the representative and comply with the representative's refund policies.
5. Cancellation
Date of cancellation % refunded
30+ days before starting date 75%
0 to 29 days prior to start date 60%
After 0% to 10% of program 50%
After 11% to 19% of program 30%
After 20% or more of program 0%
Note: All changes to your program must be submitted to the registrar's office of the school in which you are enrolled.