School Information

School Building Details

Campus Campus Campus Campus Campus
Name of School International House Vancouver
Year Founded 1990
Number of Levels 14 levels
Lesson Length 50 minutes
Average Number of Students Per Class 10
Telephone +1 (604) 739-9836

IH Vancouver offers the highest quality language programs to students from around the world.
Experienced instructors, friendly staff, a wide variety of courses and an active social program make IH Vancouver the ideal place to study. Come and experience Vancouver.
IH Vancouver is accredited by Languages Canada.

<Mission Statement>

IH Vancouver provides high quality, innovative language programs for adults and juniors as well as teacher training programs. We achieve this with a learner-centered approach and with staff and instructors who are well-trained, experienced and motivated.

<Value Statement>

We conduct ourselves ethically in all aspects of our operation. Our programs are of the highest quality and we offer excellent service and support to all of our learners. We embrace diversity and value harmony and we support and encourage the personal growth of students and staff alike.


Address Suite 2001-88 West Pender Street Vancouver, B.C., V6B 6N9 Canada
Access 2 minute walk to Stadium Station (Sky Train)

Around Campus

Around Campus Around Campus Around Campus Around Campus Around Campus

With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as one of the best places to live. IH Vancouver is located in the downtown core with close access to public transportation and all the great restaurants, bars and cultural activities that Vancouver offers.

Accommodation Info


  • Allows students to practice English and experience our local culture with their host family.
  • Host Families are conveniently located approximately 20-45 minutes to the school by transit.

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<Student Houses>

  • Available for students from 19 years old.
  • Allows for independent living while sharing with other students
  • Houses are located approximately 30-45 minutes to the school by transit.

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Accommodation Tips

  • Always check transit times and routes carefully.
  • Homestay families may have a curfew in place. Be sure to respect that.
  • Canada is a country built on immigration. Vancouver Host Families will be from many different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Please note that Student Houses have both male and female rooms.
  • Meals are not included with Student House.