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Pathway Program

Would you like to study at a university or college in Canada?


International House Vancouver’s pathway program is the best choice for English language students who want to study at a North American university or college.


The IH Advantage

• 30 lessons per week of intensive English language study.

• Small class sizes.

• Personal academic advice and assistance with college/university entrance. 

• Highly qualified instructors who specialize in teaching academic English. 

• Personal assistance in choosing a school most suited to you academic needs.

• IH Vancouver is a member of the IH world Organization which holds their affiliate schools to the highest standards of education and service.


Program Overview

The IH pathway program is designed to give students the language and cultural skills they need to succeed in North American universities and colleges.

Students who enter pathways will study in the English for Academic Purposes (ESP) Courses followed by an IELTS preparation course if required.

Students who successfully complete these courses will finish with the ability to write, speak and listen at the academic level acceptable foe study in Canada.

English for Academic Purposes consists of levels.

EAP 1:

(12 weeks/ 20 EAP lessons + 10 elective lessons per week)

Students will finish with an IELTS 5.5 or higher.

EAP 2:

(12 weeks/ 20 EAP lessons + 10 elective lessons per week)

Students will finish with an IELTS 6.5 or higher.


Partner institution

IH Vancouver is careful in selecting the universities and colleges it partners with. Our partner schools share our dedication to proving the best education and opportunities to our students.

All IH students receive ongoing academic advice during their studies. We assist our students throughout the application process and transition to their post secondary studies.